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Enhanced Black TN (EBTN)

This display mode offers exceptional dark background because of its very low light leakage. The contrast ratio is up to 1000:1, exceeds that of conventional TN, STN and FSTN. Besides, it offers 3 best viewing directions in one display, in contrast of one direction for conventional display. Furthermore, its wide operating temperture capability extends the range of applications, including automatives.


  • Very dark background
  • Super high contrast (1000:1)
  • Wide viewing angle (3-side optimized)
  • Up/down: 60° / 85°
  • Left/right: 85° / 85°
  • Wide operating temperature (-40°C to 85°C)
  • Available in icons, 7-segment and graphic type up to 1/64 duty
  • No temperature compensation required


  • Automotives, Audio & Video Equipments, Watches, Remote Control, Multimeters, Water Heater, Home Appliance and etc.

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Field Sequential Color LCD

The backlight produces the fundamental colors R-G-B sequentially, the sequence is looped. A fast response LCD which is placed in front of the backlight is switched and acts as a light shutter that is controlling the brightness of each fundamental color.

The above process is run fast enough so that the R, G, B colors are "mixed" to give multi colors.

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Capacitive Multi Touch Panel

When turn on the touch panel, it would be a balance state. The finger like a cap and couple the signal. After the data processing, the location can be calculated. More than one coordinate can be detected at the same time. So call ¡§multi-touch¡¨. There is no mechanical movement on panel.

Optical Bonding Technology

Optical bonding is a process in which a layer of transparent material such as OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) or OCR (Optically Clear Resin) is used to fill the air gap between LCD module and cover glass or touch panel.

Optical Bonding Advantages:
1) Enhance sunlight readability, improve durability and damage resistance.
2) Enhance display¡¦s lifetime by protecting display from dust and moisture.
3) Reduce parallax effect and increase optical clarity with bright lighting conditions.
4) Keep a screen intact when the equipment is broken and assure the safety for handling.