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Starting off as a team member of Kontoy Products Company Limited, which focused on electronic board assembling, Clover Display Limited was established in 1983. Clover developed its business in LCD manufacturing and chemical engineering production, processes which are very hard to perfect, but Clover attains the impossible.

Clover (trefoil) usually has three leaves, but occasionally it has four leaves, a probaility of 1 in 1000. The four-leaf clovers, like other rarities, are considered as lucky. A common idiom is "to be in clover', which means to be living in a carefree ease, comfort or prosperity. The four leaves clover symbolizes that Clover Display never gives up in developing new applications for different products. We are competitive and perseverant, despite different challenges and hardships.

A strong R&D team in Hong Kong allows Clover to continuously develop LCD and LCM for new applications. In 1993, a 8000 square meter factory was established in Shunde, which specialized in customer design LCD and LCM for industrial applications.

Facilities in Hong Kong and Shunde mainly focus on industrial applications, such as control units, energy meters, equipments, automotives, health equipments, medical equipment, home appliances, fax machine/ feature phone, sport coaching meter, thermostats , etc.

In March 2001, Clover China Display (Shenzhen) Limited was established and mainly targeted at China and Taiwan local markets of commercial type.

The quality management system of Clover's head office and Shunde factory have met the standard of ISO 9001 and the environmental management system of our Shunde factory has met the standard of ISO 14001.

Clover's sales networks do not only cover Asia, but also Europe and North America. Our products can be widely applied in consumer electronics, testing equipment, toys and telecommunication. Cooperating with our partners, we make use of their local sales networks to sustain worldwide brand development.

Management Team
A professional and experienced Management team overlooks Sales and Administration, Manufacturing and quality control in Hong Kong and China respectively. Of course, Group's consultant keeps on providing technology advice.