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Shareholder Changes

The Board of Directors of Clover Display Group of companies (i.e. Clover Display Ltd in HK, Kontoy Products Co Ltd in HK, Dragonteam Investment Ltd in HK, Clover China Ltd in Shenzhen, China and Longoal Display Ltd in Shunde China) are pleased to announce that a new investor, namely PC Supply Limited would join our group to further expand our display manufacturing business.

PC Supply Limited is a company incorporated in Hong Kong and family owned managed by Dr. Hung Kim Fung, Measure who is the founder of Mobicon Group Limited (a public company listed in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since May 2001 with stock code 1213).

Under the new organization, effective on Nov 21, 2010, Dr. Hung would concentrate mainly on the strategic planning of the business and implementation of the corporate strategy and business development of the group while the existing senior management team in Clover manufacturing plants would not be changed and assist Dr Hung making the whole process success.

Dr. Hung has 30 years experience in the electronic business and was appointed by the City University of Hong Kong as the Chairman of FSE Undergraduate Student Synergistic Innovation Scheme and as the Honorary Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Industry Co-operative Education Centre. In conjunction with Clover’s 27 years in the LCD manufacturing, we have confidence that it would bring positive effect to the display industry.

We are anticipating your continuous support to Clover Display Group as usual. Thank you for your attention and co-operation to our new management led by Dr. Hung.

香港高發液晶有限公司 (包括香港高發液晶有限公司,香港剛達製品有限公司,香港龍添投資有限公司,順德龍高液晶有限公司及深圳高華顯示有限公司)之董事會在此正式宣佈,香港資電網有限公司由2010年11月17日起將投資高發各相關公司,以擴展液晶顯示器製造和銷售業務。

香港資電網有限公司是由洪劍峰博士及其家屬擁有的香港公司,而洪博士同時也是在香港聯交所上市的公司 - 萬保剛集團有限公司,編號1213 – 的創辦人。



我們非常感謝 貴公司過去對高發的支持,希望 貴公司日後可繼續支持洪博士的領導。